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Our FAQs page provides answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. We try to answer each question as fully as possible but if you would like further information, please do get in touch. Also, if you have any questions that are not covered below, please let us know, as we would be very happy to help.

We offer a wide range of academic and professional courses. Popular
academic courses available include Business Management; Accounting
and Finance; and Criminology and Psychology. Most courses are also
available at foundation level for those who are not ready to start the
first year of the degree.
Professional (work related) Level 4 courses are available in Business
Administration; Health and Social Care; and Customer Service.
In addition, Lion Heart Education Service provides a basic English
course, with certificate for 219.99. This is particularly helpful for people
who are not yet able to speak English well enough to gain acceptance
on Level 3 and higher level courses.
We also provide a higher level English course with certificate, for
249.99. This is ideal for anyone who already speaks English to a good
level but feels that they need to improve. Perhaps to advance their
career, or be more successful in their studies.

We are currently associated with 19 universities, and the number
continues to increase. They include Metropolitan, Anglia Ruskin;
Ulster; Northumbria; and Roehampton.

Most courses are available in Manchester and Birmingham as well as
London. Also all courses are available at the Southampton main
campus. Please get in touch to confirm the locations available for any
course you are interested in.

Yes. All of our courses are held on two days a week, which means you
can work full time around the course

Courses take place on just two days a week. The precise days will vary
depending on the particular course. To find out on which days you
course will take place, please get in touch.

All of our preparatory work for acceptance to any academic institution
is free. This includes application form for academic institutions and
student finance; interview and entrance test preparation. Our English
courses and academic support is provided for a charge, to cover our

Yes. We take care of the application process for you and provide advice
on any queries that may arise. If you have any questions regarding
student finance please get in touch.

Most academic institutions require some evidence of English language
ability. However, the standard of English required, and the type of
evidence accepted will vary depending on the institution. Please get in
touch to find out whether you meet the required standard and have
the right evidence for your preferred course.
As part of our preparation service we do give some free, English
language preparation for entrance tests and interviews. This is
separate, and not to be confused with our basic English language

Yes. For a single payment of 60 users can get unlimited guidance on
general academic issues, for example, essay and report writing, for an
entire year. Alternatively, this service can be paid for each time it is
requested for 20 each time.

What makes us different is that we are passionate about turning your
dreams into reality. It is our greatest motivation and inspiration. The
reason why we are here. We say believe in your dreams, because we
do! Here in the UK, you may face many barriers to academic and
professional success. Perhaps poor English skills, complicated
university application forms or lack of knowledge about what is

available. We can assure you that we created this exceptional
education service, specifically to remove any and all barriers that may
be standing in your way.