Refer a friend

Love studying with us? Tell your friends and we’ll say thank you with our Refer a Friend Scheme.

We believe that our students are the best people to know exactly what it’s like to study with us, and this new scheme means you receive a reward to help you with your studies too when you recommend a friend to join us.

London 2020

How to refer a friend

Levels taught here: Undergraduate Address: St James' House, 10 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4TF

  1. Send your friend a link to this page
  2. Your friend should complete the below enquiry form and include your name and student number (we’ll need this to ensure you receive the incentive)
  3. Our team will contact your friend and discuss which programmes they may be eligible for, progressing them through the application process
  4. You will be eligible to both receive either £250 in Amazon vouchers or £250 off your course fees once your friend has:
  5. successfully enrolled on to their programme, and
  6. paid their first fee payment, and
  7. completed their first term

Eligible criteria


  1. Be currently studying on, or alumni of, a course delivered by
  2. Those being referred (Prospective Student) must:
  3. Be aged 18 years old or over at the time of referral
  4. Not be an employee (or immediate family member) of QA Higher Education or any QA division
  5. Submit the student number and name of the current student who has referred them
  6. Not have previously enquired or applied for a programme through QA Higher Education
  7. Not be using a representative to assist with their application
  8. £250 in Amazon vouchers or a tuition fee discount will only be applied once the referred student has:
  9. Enrolled on a programme through QA Higher Education within 12 months of initial referral
  10. Paid their first fee instalment
  11. Completed their first term of study



The scheme


  1. Only courses offered though QA Higher Education are eligible for this offer. For a full list of courses
  2. The scheme is open to prospective students referred by QA Higher Education current students and alumni only.
  3. The Refer a Friend scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other fee discount.
  4. The scheme is not open to employees, agents or contractors of QA Higher Education or any other division of QA, regardless of whether they are current students or alumni.
  5. QA Higher Education will permit a maximum of 3 successful referrals per Referrer per academic year.
  6. Prospective Students who intend to take advantage of a third party scholarship can apply to the scheme or who are intending to use Student Finance to help fund their studies.
  7. The Prospective Student must complete an online enquiry form to express their interest in consideration as to their eligibility for the scheme. Completion of the online form for this scheme will constitute acceptance of these terms.
  8. Prospective Students who register with a Representative / Education Agent at any time are not eligible for this scheme.
  9. Prospective Students who are party to an articulation agreement are not eligible for this scheme.
  10. Where a Prospective Student then introduces a third party to QA Higher Education who then successfully enrols, the Referrer shall not, by virtue of such initial introduction, be deemed to have referred the third party.
  11. An application to the scheme cannot be made after enrolment.
  12. Any personal data relating to a Prospective Student will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without consent.
  13. For the avoidance of doubt, the country of residence of a Prospective student will be determined by the address detailed on their original application or a place on a programme with one of QA Higher Education’s partner universities.



The Referrer shall be entitled to a referral payment worth £250 for each Prospective Student enrolled on a programme where all clauses are satisfied.

The Prospective Student will be entitled to a referred payment worth £250 where all clauses are satisfied.

The payment for both the Referrer and Prospective Student will either be in Amazon vouchers or a tuition fee discount to the same value.

For the Referrer: For self-funded current students, payment will be in the form of a tuition fee discount. For current students paying tuition fees via Student Finance England or QA Higher Education alumni, payment will be in Amazon vouchers.

For the Prospective Student: Self-funded students will receive payment in the form of a tuition fee discount. Students paying tuition fees through Student Finance England will receive payment in Amazon vouchers.